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Medicare criteria for rebates & guidelines for repeat testing July 2017 01-07-2017
Clinical Audit Skin Cancer Surgical Audit How to Access Guide 06-06-2017
Legionnaires' Disease 05-06-2017
Cervical Screening Update 3- The Importance of Getting it Right 02-05-2017

From May 1 2017, Australia will change the screening test it uses to screen for cervical cancer. This change is being driven by the development of new testing technologies and the success of Australia's HPV vaccination program. The current Pap smear, performed every 2 years for women aged 18-70 years, will be replaced by the high-risk Human Papilloma Virus (hr-HPV) test with partial genotyping. This test will be performed every 5 years for women aged 25-70 years.

Cervical Screening Update 5- A New Era 02-05-2017

Changes to the cervical screening program planned for May 1, have been delayed until December 1, 2017. 

It is important that women due for cervical screening continue to be tested using a cytology-based Pap test. 

In order to maintain reasonable turnaround times during this period of delay, changes to Pap test rebates have been announced by the Australian Government. 

From now until November 30, 2017, GynaePath will continue to offer high-quality, Medicare rebatable, Pap smear testing.

Gynaepath 02-05-2017

GynaePath offers the unique expertise of a team of internationally recognised specialist gynaecological pathologists, headed by Adj. Professor Annabelle Farnsworth (Director of GynaePath) and Professor Peter Russell.

GynaePath pathologists are actively involved with numerous professional committees and organisations, leading the way forward in numerous areas of gynaecological pathology. They have strongly developed relationships with clinicians and special interest groups at national and international level. They are involved in teaching and research, and many hold academic appointments.

Pap Tests 02-05-2017
Non-invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT) Information for Medical Specialists 21-04-2017
Non-invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT) Information for patients 21-04-2017
Doctors' Newsletter Issue 1 2017 31-03-2017

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Medical Leadership
Dr Colin Goldschmidt

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The Fragile X Syndrome
Professor Graeme Suthers

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Hepatitis C: Recent Developments in Treatment and Testing 
Dr Miriam Paul

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Zika Virus
Dr Michael Wehrhahn

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