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Cardiogenetics Panels 16-10-2017
Cardiogenetics: Information for Medical Specialists 16-10-2017
Cardiogenetics: Information for Patients 16-10-2017
Your Comprehensive Genetics Testing Service 16-10-2017

Sonic Genetics brings together the national and international expertise of Sonic Healthcare to provide doctors, patients and families across Australia with a comprehensive range of accredited genetic tests.

As one of Australia's largest private genetic testing facilities, Sonic Genetics understands that genetic testing is a complex and emerging field of medicine. We provide detailed explanations and resources to allow people to make informed choices about medical decisions.

24Hr Blood Pressure Monitor 01-09-2017
Collection Instructions
24Hr Holter Monitor 01-09-2017
Collection Instructions
Doctors' Newsletter Issue 2 2017 31-07-2017

Page 03 
Commitment to Education
Dr Colin Goldschmidt

Page 04 
Dedication to Excellence

Page 06 
The Cervical Screening Program will change forever
Adj Prof Annabelle Farnsworth

Page 07 
Carrier Screening for SMA
Dr Kym Mina

Page 08
New Certain Profiles
Dr Karl Baumgart

Page 10 
Dr Fiona Maclean

HPV 21-07-2017
Medicare criteria for rebates & guidelines for repeat testing July 2017 01-07-2017
Clinical Audit Skin Cancer Surgical Audit How to Access Guide 06-06-2017
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